The Penumbrous is a weblog that combines equal parts sketchbook, online pinboard, and archive.   

It functions not only as a depository for any creative output with a certain set of aesthetic qualities, but also as a showcase for my own works in progress- artworks that are often influenced by the media amassed on this site. The images, words, music, and ideas found here are characterized by elements that express a striking mood or visual feeling. They resonate for me in their indistinctness, occupying a space somewhere between obscurity and illumination, between unknown and known. By exploring and finding solace in the murkier side of experience, small truths are exposed about this important balance in human nature and creativity.

These subjects are neither all darkness nor all light; As does our human experience, they oscillate. They wax and wane. They are penumbrous, and that is what makes them so fascinating.

Enjoy, and, thanks for looking…



“I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night,”

– Sarah Williams